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I gotcha bitch!

Just wrapped Sal's presents and printed my NOH8 photos. I printed a little tree for us to put our gifts under. Teegan makes it impossible to have a tree. Spent the day watching Love Actually, Cops and basically doing nothing. I have to go to work in an hour which blows but I get another extra hour for the week, I'm already pulling in an extra four hours for the week. Way to help pay off my car faster.

I need to go do my hair, thankfully, Jess is taking me to work, and she also agreed to come and get me an hour early since I was called in. Hopefully it stays busy, goes by fast and I can come home and not have a real Christmas.

My cousin had a heart attack yesterday and we only found out about it on Facebook. And then my cousin's daughter didn't respond to anyone so I called my sister then my cousin, then his mom, which is my cousin Troy's sister to finally get some damn info. Stupid family. But he's home already so he's doing well, which makes me happy. I adored him as a child.

Well my hair won't do itself, so I gotta go curl this shit. Boooyah.
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