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I'ma be Oprah rich!

Just took the bug into the dealer to finally get her fixed. Some dude tried hard to dick me around on a price but John at Clovis Vee Dub took very good care of me and set me up with a helluva deal on a tranny and the labor. The other dude was gonna charge me 2500 for the tranny and 2500 for labor, this guy is doing 2800 on the tranny and 616 on the labor. Fuck that other dood.

Pretty positive the bf hasn't bought me a Christmas present yet. Picture me with a sadface. Whatev.

Other than that, life has been pretty much the same ol same ol. Trying to get to work on time and not call in because of the car, still playing with makeup and being lazy. I have three days off next week, the week that my car may be finished. AAAAAAH.

I can't wait to have my car back, I miss that damn thing. I also miss my independence, being able to just get into my car and get a damn soda, you know?
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