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NCIS Episode Review 8x01 Spider and the Fly

Season 8!!!

OMG she's there with Mr. Gibbs. Just shoot her. Just shoot her. What the hell, she goes all the way there OMG OMG OMG. Mr. Gibbs. What a bitch, can't even fight fair, and stand up to an old man herself. I fucking hate this WHORE.


Spider and the Fly.

WUT? Now his dad is home. And there are agents walking around outside the house. Months? When her cold dead body is at Gibbs' feet then go home.

How 'bout those Washington Nationals.

Palmer! Thank God I'm a country boy. IT'S THAT CRAZY BITCH.

AAAAH! I thought something really bad was going to happen. so far so good.

McGee in a hat with flaps. Yeyah!

There's the helmets that are similar to what they should be wearing to do an autopsy.

I do love Ducky, and I want to see ABBY!

Tony's IMing his dad.

I do so enjoy the banter between the two of them.

Please be Abby....and instead..Mike Franks.

I wish it had been Abby..but what can you do.


ABBBY! She's asking her agent about belts. And she's got earrings on. Gibbs has a plan, which is always comforting.

And McGee is skinnier than before.

Love Ziva working in a federal office with her bra strap showing.

Mike Franks does not need to stir this pot up. Ok lets end this, like the effing three amigos.

It's Ziva's dad. Just kidding. it's douche bag of the day.

Just kill this guy, or arrest him, or something. Anything to get rid of this guy. This guy is not going to turn on his sister and if they believe them, they're idiots.


There goes Ziva in another ugly shirt.

Don't even get close to threatening her..oh shit. lookit Gibbs step the FUCK UP! And Gibbs is walking Abby out, and his promise to never let anything happen to her. And it's on Ducky's car. And Abby. OMG.

Right outside the house. Right outside the house. OMG. No no no no no. There is no way Franks went out without a fight, and he's take care of Mr. Gibbs. SHE WAS IN THE FUCKING HOUSE!

This CRAZY bitch has got to go.

I hope to God it's Gibbs that puts the bullet in her forehead. She's sitting in that car. Kill the bitch!

Gibbs has had to wear that black strip across his badge a lot lately. What about the bug?

Abby and Ducky are camped out in Autopsy and this makes me a happy happy girl. Abby's top is made from belt buckles. Ducky is always full of really great advice and information.

This is a set up. Total. They left the paper there where he could find it. I knew it.

Put a bullet in her brain pan.

And wasn't this guy on seaquest? Really? he's shooting the house up from the outside, instead of going inside and trying to murder people. So they got him, where the fuck is paloma?

No I'm pretty sure you did, you killed your sister. BEOTCH!

Not as climactic as say Gibbs shooting her in the head but least the psycho is dead.

Gibbs went home to help. YAY! Vance is hiding the file. Why not just burn it. Wait. Wut? Who did they find?
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