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Baseball is Life

I'm a whiskey drinkin', cowboy chasin', helluva time

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28 February
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I'm really a secret agent for the US government, I'm biding my time till the eagle has landed and I'm needed to help take over a small guerilla faction in South America. Any questions?

"There's some freak panty droppers comin' over tonight!"

My current NCIS mood them was created by a_gal_icons.
My Wash mood theme was created by myhobbitpippin.

My friending policy is as follows...add me, I'll add you back. =)

My 100_situations prompt table, here.

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I claimed the Arizona Diamondbacks at claim_a_team.
Claimed The Tucson Sidewinders @ claim_a_team.
Claimed The Fresno Grizzlies @ claim_a_team.

I claimed my husband, Erubiel Durazo at mlbclaims!
I claimed the Arizona Diamondbacks at mlbclaims!

mlbaddme Meet some people!

pdficchallengeWeekly/monthly challenge for Procedural Drama's. Join us.

"My mother was the first one who told me I was good-looking,"
he says with a dazzling smile. "But that's a mother's job."

- Derek Jeter -

I wouldn't vote for George W. Bush even if he paid all of my student loans. I would, however, send him a very nice thank you note because that is how my mother raised me.

"I've been in a firefight. Well I was in a fire. Actually I was fired from a fry-cook opportunity." Wash - War Stories.

Wash - "Little River gets more colorful by the minute. What will she do next?"
Zoe - "Either blow us up or rub soup in her hair. It's a toss up."
Wash - "I hope she does the soup thing. It's a hoot and we don't all die from it."

Ivy Walker: When we are married, will you dance with me? I find dancing very agreeable. Why can you not say what is in your head?

Lucius Hunt: Why can you not stop saying what is in yours? Why must you lead, when I want to lead? If I want to dance I will ask you to dance. If I want to speak I will open my mouth and speak. Everyone is forever plaguing me to speak further. Why? What good is it to tell you you are in my every thought from the time I wake? What good can come from my saying that I sometimes cannot think clearly or do my work properly? What gain can rise of my telling you the only time I feel fear as others do is when I think of you in harm? That is why I am on this porch, Ivy Walker. I fear for your safety before all others. And yes, I will dance with you on our wedding night.

Munch: Yeah, well, Special Agent... Mulder? Is currently being held in 5 point restraint jabbering like a monkey. So what I'm looking at here is a warehouse break-in but nothing's stolen, a shootout but no guns, lots of blood but no bodies, an FBI agent wants to take off all his clothes and talk about space aliens.
~Unusual Suspects~ The X-Files.

House: "How are we doing on cotton swabs today? If there's a critical shortage, I could run home."
Dr. Cuddy: "No you couldn't."
House: "Nice."

Simon: I got to say, there are times when it seems like you like me.
CJ: I do like you
Simon: Then you just walk off to stick it to me, and forget the personalities. It’s just stupid.
CJ: I said I do like you.
Simon: I meant the other way.
CJ: So did I. I tried to kiss you.
Simon: You said you didn’t.
CJ: I was lying you idiot.

"The Rose Family"

The rose is a rose,
And was always a rose.
But the theory now goes
That the apple's a rose,
And the pear is, and so's
The plum, I suppose.
The dear only know
What will next prove a rose.
You, of course, are a rose--
But were always a rose.

-Robert Frost

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