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Ugh. I hate ebay. I'm stalking several iPod Touches for xmas and I hate the waiting. But if I can get a deal, I'll be exceedingly happy. Marry Christmas to meeee!

I did a whole lot of nothing all day yesterday. I did the laundry and cooked dinner, and then ran the dishes through the dishwasher. So I guess watching Despicable Me for like five hours was a cover for me actually getting some things done. Dinner was really good too.

Today I'm folding laundry, putting it away and watching the grip of movies I rented. I vow not to putter away boringly on the internet all day. Except for checking on my ipods.

I could really go for some starbucks. I hate not having a car. I've seen nothing but the walls of this apt and the laundry room since Friday night. Bah.
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