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It's so fluffy!!

Ok so as the end of the year approaches, I must come to terms with the fact that I neglect my LJ. I used to spend so much time with the wonderful people here, and I don't anymore.

Times are a changin'. I am going to start including LJ in my daily routine. This thing has YEARS of my life documented and saved for my lame ass brain, when I can't remember. For instance, I can find out exactly how old Kimmy and Ruby are, because I am certain I wrote about it on my LJ.

Most of you, if not all of you were there for me when my mom passed away, and you've always delighted my life. So that's it, twitter, I can share my life with the both of you.

In case you haven't guessed, I'm off for the weekend, and I have no car, as my transmission went out. So I rented a shit load of movies, am planning on doing laundry, cleaning, and vegetating. Once my hot chocolate is finished. Oh baby.

As for me, I no longer work at ATL and I have transferred stores to work with my awesome old manager Joe. We have a new kitten, a polydactyl named Pauley Pilar who is a big fat whiney pain in my butt. And Sal is upset because he thinks she loves me more. She was supposed to be his cat, but I keep telling him, he has Teegan. That's his cat. =)

I'll probably spam the shit out of this thing. Today. A friend on Twitter linked me some fanfic, because I was bored as shit yesterday and it brought me to LJ and I was like OMG, I miss lj. Plus I want to find out Kim's bday. She's been sick, but knock on wood, since her last bout when cerulean_breeze was here, she's been fine. She lost the whole pound and a half she gained and is still a skinny minnie. I believe she was born in 2002, April estimate, but I want to know for certain for her vet, should we have to go back.

I so don't want to do laundry. I wish it would just do itself. Like it was emo or something.
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