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ncis Episode Review 7x15 Jack-Knife

Dude I worked with a broad named heatherington. didn't like her.

Original air date 2/09/2010

McGee is taking Gibbs home and checking on him, and Gibbs is pointing at some random dude in his house. ZOMG a Fornell Episode, and why am I not recognizing this dude?

So it's some kind of under the table job, driving, but I don't understand. You tell him Gibbs. Wait you're going to let this guy go undercover for OMG what happened to Fornell? LOOKIT THAT BEARD! It's like Grizzly adams. This is awesome. I effing love Fornell. He's savoring the shit out of that coffee. Alright go. Let me hop in the shower. Nice slippers. I'm McGee, the brain keeps going. Aaand there is Gibbs. And Fornell apparently. Tony is going to gloat over his sleep.

Reclining Chaise? And Ziva knows about it, and what it looks like.

It's not like you're wearing his pin and you're going steady. That's awesome. You only call when you need something. Yeah grief.

Thank you Ziva. They did something to him, because Ziva isn't talking. McGee asleep on Bert. And she's wearing purple again. This is making me happy.

Fucking Ziva being a bad ass like always. That is a nice coat, McGee.

Yes he drinks a bit o coffee with his sugar. Be on his way, I'm thinking maybe a bit of jealousy on DiNozzo's part.

That sound is like the alien chatter in Signs. HE took the lid off WITH HIS GUN. And Gibbs is doing the sling dance. You can drive my car, you've already slept with my wife.


I like Ziva's jacket.

I caught a bit of that jargon thanks, to my mom driving trucks and being around them all her adult life.

Fuel. FU!

I need a refill. Yeah. The yellow and black car isn't going to stand out. That was a nice little exchange. Gibbs and Fornell are always good for a fun time.

And Ziva is trying to counsel and or be helpful I suppose. I think it's funny that everyone wants them to shack up. I don't see the chemistry. But I'm convinced her and Tony are Fuck Buddies anyway.

Look at those cars. They are classics!

Men. going through all this trouble for a bet. Winner takes pink slips. That is so 1950s. I love it.

OMG they busted a tire. Fantastic. And there goes the truck.. I am fairly sure that should have jack-knifed. Epic. 1.2million. Are you stupid? Leave it to Abby. And he calls her Abbs.

Whoa. The dude with the cars hit a girl. It's all him. I'm shocked.

That was a sick ass ride though. Ziva can hella wear blue. Fucking Tony.
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