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ncis Episode Review 7x14 Masquerade

Original Airdate 2/02/2010

I thought those lines were pretty funny, myself. Whoa. And he probably had a second date with the lady too. That's a bummer. That black guy looked familiar too.

A green coat this time. And Tony, tweets? What is McGee doing? An online wedding, and he is watching the wedding, that is so cute. And Gibbs let him watch. Cute.

They are always just back from Iraq. It blew his body into pieces. And the head is in a bag. I don't think I could ever get used to that. Get him Ducky!

Therapist. Kneeling. It's a radioactive car.

Please tell me mallison hart is not in this episode. My little DiNozzo makers. Mine had a shot at being really beautiful. That's Abby and she jumped on Tony! OMG. In her yellow suit. McPanic.

Do not talk to the press. Well...it's a little late for late apparently. Lima, Peru.

Like Gibbs would ever have a blog. Although I'm sure it would be interesting.

What the hell? Oh fuck me, what the fuck is she doing here. Does she represent everyone in DC. I swear to God. This broad. I HATE HER! I think she's a bz mcBZ face. She gets on my damn nerves. Nice fakeout Tony, wiping shit off the wall.

Special Agent. Special Agent Gibbs. Why don't you shut your big mouth!

Nicely done. I think he knows something you don't know.

And Ziva missed it. By burning the first batch.

I'm gonna go get a haircut.

He's looking pretty hot is what he's doing. Get it Gibbs. I'm staying. Just passed the door to the vending machines. Gross. She irritates me. I like that Gibbs would win hand to hand, and gun but not a knife fight.

It's nice she's opening up about Somalia. Finally. After like half a season. With Tony, which is something they should have talked about a lot sooner.

They're making a dirty bomb, ladies and gents. Abby still has her yellow suit on. Abby doing the robot for the win.

OMG. Palmer is dancing. Tap dancing. Not important.

So he escaped, nice.

Who the hell would want to go to a dentist every two days? Lame. Ok that dentist is effing creepy. That's why I don't like dentists. So he was stealing the x-ray machines.

Eww. She's sitting at Gibbs' desk and she always calls him Mr. She needs to call him by Special Agent. How much does that cost.

Get out of my chair.

Aaand more snow.

Yeah they're always making a mistake, when you're the bad guy. Dude is fucked up.

Gibbs is the muthafucking shit! An attorney waiver and now he's getting his yell on, on this marine!

He got paid to make tapes? And no one was suspicious?

Holy shit. Panic is abou to hit the streets.

Yeah uh no. Don't you dare. OMG. 2 seconds, Gibbs is a G!

Ok so maybe he just got really lucky but still, two seconds, and G status.

Ew, they killed him dead. Why would he do that, unless he's getting paid for his involvement. Nice.

Wow. A fake sleeper cell and everything else just to scare Congress into voting a bill that would make his company profit billions. That is INSANE.

Nice bluff bitches. I'm digging seeing Gibb's house so much..what the fuck are you doing in his house?? Your client was lying and you're a bitch. So shut your trap. OMG. don't compliment her. She's gross. If they kiss I'm going to hurl. Don't do it. don't do it. Gibbs, I swear to God, don't do it. I will be so fucking pissed off right now..stop UGH!
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